The PMG Spring Team Precision Rifle Match was Sponsored By:

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Spring Team Match   ----  Results

There were five stages for our Spring 2011 Team match. The Ranging and Shooting portions of "KYL were scored separately, but are combined in the tables below.

WX couldn't have been better. Generous sponsors and a great group of shooters made for a rewarding day of shooting. Congratulations to the winners below and thanks again to all who participated!

For discussion and AARs, visit this thread on Snipers' Hide.

Spring Team Match Info  ----  MATCH IS FULL


Format: 2-man Team Precision Rifle (Team score)

Time: 9 am CDT (Mandatory safety briefing at 8:30 am)

Date: 28 May

Location: near Cookeville, Tennessee

Cost: $ 65 per shooter


Limited to 20 teams.  Each team member will need a rifle (bolt or semi, preferably magazine fed).  See the equipment page for details. There are no handgun/carbine targets in the Spring match; it will be rifles only.


New shooters are welcome!


Stages:  5 stages present a mix of Military and LEO scenarios and technical challenges


            Estimated round count:   120 rounds per team, but it’s always a good idea to bring extra


            Target Ranges:  10 – 800 yards.  Generally, longer range targets will be worth more, but “Know Your Limits”


            Target Types:  Primarily steel and IPSC cardboard, with a few paper targets.  Bonus targets will be Tannerite. 

All targets except some bonus targets will be larger than 1 MOA.  Most will be larger than 2 MOA.


            Stage Design:  Focus on solving problems as a team.


Facilities: The match will be held on around 1000 acres of private land.  You should be prepared to carry all your equipment at least 1000 yards over rough terrain.  Restrooms will be available on the property but not close to all stages.  A small concessions stand may be available, but competitors should bring sufficient water and food for a day of strenuous outdoor activity and be prepared for any weather.



            Download and read the waiver.  Download and print the Team Registration Form.  Mail the completed Registration Form and a check for $130 (or $200 if attending the class) made payable to “Precision Multigun, LLC” to


            Precision Multigun

            c/o S&R Guns

            434 W. Main

            Algood TN 38506


If you do not have a team mate, send us an email via the contact link on the left.  It is likely there are several other shooters looking for a partner and we will do our best to accommodate everyone. 



             Google Maps link to area hotels The Star Motel is closest. Baymont is quite a bit nicer and dog-friendly.

Scenario Stages


The following are a few of the stages planned for the May 28th match.  The remaining stages will be revealed to competitors upon arrival at the stage.



Escape from Encirclement:


Story board:  19 June 2004 a 4 man USMC sniper team conducted a rolling infiltration into an urban environment to conduct surveillance and target interdiction on a main service road where AQIZ had been setting up roadside IEDs.  The team was inserted and had sent in reports every 30 until 0730 on the morning of 21 June 2004.  The sniper team was ambushed and killed at point blank range.  The bodies were recovered on the afternoon of 21 June 2004.





An unmanned aerial vehicle has reported 20 to 30 insurgents setting up an ambush along the high ground to your north and east.  A squad sized insurgent element is maneuvering on your position from the west.



Your 2 man sniper team infiltrated 24 hours ago to conduct target interdiction along a known insurgent smuggling and infiltration route.

A quick reaction force QRF has been deployed to interdict the insurgent ambush line, but has come under sniper fire and has taken casualties and can no longer maneuver.



Your sniper team must immediately break out of encirclement to the west and proceed to a firing position to eliminate the sniper team that has the QRF decisively engaged.



Intent eliminate the immediate threat to the west move as quickly as you can to the final firing position and eliminate the snipers security element first then neutralize the sniper.


Scheme of Maneuver:

Initiate contact with the M-60 machine gun then move down the road east to west using a bounding over watch technique engage targets that match the color of the barricades.  Once the immediate threat is neutralized you will proceed by foot to the final firing position neutralize the security element then engage the sniper.



No resupply is available


Ensure that all of your equipment is accounted for (procedural -2 for every item left behind (exclusive of spent brass))


Class V (ammo) each shooter will need 20 rounds


Class VIII you have recovered an M-60 machine gun with (X) amount of ammo


Water resupply is available in the holding area


Medevac is available upon request


Command and Control




Bus Assault:




First officers on scene have reported at least 2 and no more than 6 armed men have taken control of a school bus on a rural route and have taken the passengers hostage.  Suspects are considered armed and dangerous; they have made no attempt to communicate with negotiators.



Your 2 man sniper team has the only clear line of sight to all suspects.

Breach teams are on site but cannot approach the bus.



Your sniper team must move into a concealed, elevated position, identify all armed suspects, and be prepared to neutralize all suspects in coordination with breach teams if negotiations fail.