Team Precision Rifle Rules


  1. All rifles will remain unloaded and have chamber flag inserted or bolt removed and magazines out until instructed to “make ready” by RO.
  2. Rifles must be bagged or slung (muzzle up or down) for transport between stages and before and after the match.  Rifles should be grounded immediately upon arrival at a staging area and remain that way until the shooter is “on deck”.
  3. Rifles may only be handled under supervision of an RO or in a designated “safe area”.  No ammunition is allowed in “safe areas”.  Handling includes
    1. Cycling the action
    2. Dry firing
    3. Cleaning
    4. Maintenance or repair
  1. Stage descriptions will clearly designate muzzle boundaries.  Violating the muzzle boundary (e.g. “180* rule”) will result in a stage DQ.
  2. Accidental or Negligent Discharge, or any shot which travels over a backstop or berm or which impacts the ground within 10” of the competitor or any other person, or which was fired while not engaging a target, will result in a match DQ.
  3. Dropping a loaded rifle or having a loaded firearm other than when specifically ordered to by an RO will result in a match DQ.
  4. Unless otherwise stated in the stage description, after the command to “make ready”, the starting position will be rifle loaded with bolt remaining open on an empty chamber, for one or both of the team members, depending on the stage. 
  5. Range commands will be as follows
    1. “Does the team understand the course of fire?”  If no negative response,
    2. “Load and make ready”
    3. “Is the team ready?” If no negative response,
    4. “Standby”
    5. <start signal>
    6. “Stop”
    7. “Unload and show clear” After RO verifies both empty chambers,
    8. “Insert chamber flag or remove bolt”
    9. “Range is safe”