Spring Team Match   ----  26-27 May 2016


Zero Range 100 yards - 1500h-1800h CST on Friday You need to be at the match location and checked in early Sat morning. The safety brief is at 0700h. You need to be check in and have all your ducks in a row before the safety brief. We will split into squads and move to firing point directly after the safety brief. We plan to be done at 1600 on Sunday. The match may wrap up a bit early or late, it all depends on the weather.

When you arrive on Sat please try to carpool. There is limited parking space. At a maximum only one vehicle per team. After you are assigned a squad please try to combine multiple teams into as few vehicles as possible to make the short travel to different areas easier.

Estimated round count is 200 rounds per shooter. Chances are that you will leave with plenty of spare ammo but we are still refining some stages so 200 is a safe bet.

LRFs are allowed but NOT NEEDED. They may be used only on stages that are known distance. They may not be used on UKD stages. Point being... if you don't bring one you will not be at a disadvantage at all.

There will be certain stages when it is required to carry all gear throughout the stage. This means packs and other things may not be left in the staging area. You must carry all gear on these stages so that after shooting you can immediately proceed to another stage area. There will also be some stages where you will not get to see the target locations before you begin the stage. Be prepared to act as a team and share any information you are given.

We will have water in close proximity to all shooting areas, it may not always be cold but there will be water. That said, please ensure that you carry water and any needed food or sustainment items with you throughout the day. It will be hot and the bugs will be out, be prepared.

You will need to pack a lunch for Sat. We plan to offer a catered meal at the end of shooting on Sunday while scores are being collected.

Directions to the link up point will be email out 2 weeks before the match. For reference the link up point is 15 mins from exit 286 on I40 in TN.

The match will be held on around 1000 acres of private land.  You should be prepared to carry all your equipment at least 1000 yards over rough terrain.  Restrooms will be available on the property but not close to all stages.  A small concessions stand may be available, but competitors should bring sufficient water and food for a day of strenuous outdoor activity and be prepared for any weather.


Download and READ the waiver. (You do not need to submit it, as you will sign the waiver on site.)