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Fall Team Match   ----  Results

There were eight stages for our Fall 2011 Team match. An additional night stage was shot but the results were dropped after a "failure to do right".

WX was sunny and 70s. Winds were squirrelly as usual, though somewhat stronger in the 10-15mph range.   We had some really great competitors from 16 different states, including CA, UT, MO, OH, and FL.

Congratulations to the winners below and thanks again to all who participated!

For discussion and AARs, visit this thread on Snipers' Hide.

Overall Match Stats

Fall Team Match   ----  October 15 & 16


Open Registration Begins: 11 JUL  --- MATCH IS FULL – Entries received after 7/22 will be placed on a wait list.

Format: 2-man Team Precision Rifle (Team score)

Time: 9 am CDT (Mandatory safety briefing at 8:30 am)

Date: 15-16 OCT '11

Location: near Cookeville, Tennessee (exact location will be emailed week prior to the match)

Cost: $ 125 per shooter, plus side match @ $10 per attempt (unlimited attempts subject to time available)

Eligibility: Due to federal restrictions on some equipment we plan to use on the night stages, only US Citizens may participate


Limited to 30 teams.  Each team member will need a rifle (bolt or semi, preferably magazine fed).  See the equipment page for details. There are no handgun/carbine targets in the Fall match; it will be rifles only.


New shooters are welcome!


Stages:  7 stages (incl 2 night stages) present a mix of Military and LEO scenarios and technical challenges


            Estimated round count:   150 rounds per team, but it’s always a good idea to bring extra, especially for the side match


            Target Ranges:  10 – 800+ yards.  Generally, longer range targets will be worth more


            Target Types:  Primarily steel and IPSC cardboard, with a few paper targets.  Bonus targets will be Tannerite. 

All targets except some bonus targets will be larger than 1 MOA.  Most will be larger than 2 MOA.


            Stage Design:  Focus on solving problems as a team.


Side Match: The side match will tentatively be team vs team on a dueling tree


Facilities: The match will be held on around 1000 acres of private land.  You should be prepared to carry all your equipment at least 1000 yards over rough terrain.  Restrooms will be available on the property but not close to all stages.  A small concessions stand may be available, but competitors should bring sufficient water and food for a day of strenuous outdoor activity and be prepared for any weather.



            Download and READ the waiver. (You do not need to submit it, as you will sign the waiver on site.)  Each shooter should download and print the Registration Form.  Mail the completed Registration Form and a check for $125 (or $175 if attending the class) made payable to “Precision Multigun, LLC” to


            Precision Multigun

            c/o S&R Guns

            434 W. Main

            Algood TN 38506


If you do not have a team mate, send us an email via the contact link on the left.  It is likely there are several other shooters looking for a partner and we will do our best to accommodate everyone. 




             Arrival:October 13, 2011 with departure: October 17, 2011 *(not all guests will stay all dates---you have option to reserve dates that you desire to stay)


 Location: Cookeville Comfort Inn and Suites and Comfort Suites are both located at 1-40 Exit 287 on Interstate Drive( which is also known as "Restaurant Row" because 11 chain restaurants are out our driveway to the left). Our addresses are 1035 and 1045 Interstate Drive---up on the hill sharing parking lots.


ROOM types in Block  All our rooms are Suites-with either 2 Queen beds or 1 King bed---these 2-room suites are divided with an arch---so you will have 2 queen beds with an arch dividing a sofa/coffee table area ( the sofa pulls-out to a full bed.) The King suite has a King bed and an arch dividing a pull-out sofa area that makes a full-size bed---with a coffee table . Each of the suites (king and queen) have a microwave and a mini fridge, flat screen TV,  table and 2 chairs, coffee pot, hair dryer, iron and ironing board.. 


General Amenities for both hotels are as follows: 


Full Hot breakfast bar buffet 3 hours each AM, FREE WIFY , USA Today and Wall Street Journal, fresh fruit and coffee/tea throuighout the day, hot cookies at 3 PM on weekdays.

Indoor pool , sauna and hot tub *(opening @ 10 AM---closing at 10 PM), elevator, indoor corridors, Fitness and Business Center


Special Group Rate :$65.99 plus 15.75% tax = *$10.39 *(9.75% state and 6% local)

 thus; total rate per room per night (King or Queen Suite) is $76.38




To make reservation at the Comfort Suite Phone 931-372-1881

To make reservation at the Comfort Inn Phone 931-372-0086


Tell Front Desk attendant that you are with "Precision Multigun Group "and specify your room type (King or Queen).




Check-in is 3 PM--- if you desire early check-in CALL FIRST and Ask If ROOMS are Clean and Vacant!!!

Check-out is 12 noon at the Suites and 11 AM at the INN

**Be safe getting to us!



The following are a few of the stages planned for the Fall 2011 match.  The remaining stages will be revealed to competitors upon arrival at the stage.


QRF Recovery Op

Story board:

Khowst Afghanistan February 2002 

An Advance Force Operations (AFO) element was in the process of receiving a company of 101st infantry division prior to operation Anaconda.  The AFO element had been in low level but constant contact with Taliban forces for the last 45 days.  When a flight of three CH 47s arrived the Taliban could not resist the opportunity to engage.  The flight of 47 took fire on final approach to the HLZ and had to set down quickly in brown out conditions resulting in a “hard landing”.  The AFO element reorganized into a QRF element and maneuvered 1.5 Kilometers towards the wreckage of the CH-47 to recover, protect and treat the wounded 101st soldiers.

photo by Scott Satterlee








CH-47 crash landed outside of coalition forces cordon. 



Your sniper team must immediately proceed to the wreckage of the 47 to secure the site until the QRF arrives.



Move as quickly as you can to the crash site, and intent eliminate the immediate threats. 



Bank Heist



A plainclothes officer interrupted a robbery in progress by secretly phoning in an alarm.  A number of suspects have taken hostages inside a bank branch, while SWAT has cleared the area of bystanders and positioned your two-man team in the second story of a nearby building, with a partial view of the bank interior through a large window.  Communications have been underway for hours and suspects have negotiated for a bus to transport them to an as of yet undisclosed location.   Upon arrival of the bus, the suspects began moving from the building to the bus one-by-one, surrounded by hostages….




M107 at Chapman Airfield, Afghanistan

photo by Scott Satterlee

Vehicle Interdiction with Squirters

Featuring Barrett heavy weapon stage gun

photo by Ryan Castle





IED activity in TF Spartan Area Of Responsibility has been increasing since the Spring.  IED employment cells usually consist or 3-6 individuals. Typical cell structure includes a bomb maker/triggerman, 1digger and 2-4 recon/security personnel. 



TF Spartan has been conducting raids targeting enemy IED employment cells.  A local asset has confirmed the location of an active cell and will take your sniper team into an over watch position.



TF Spartan conducts raid on suspected IED Cell in order to kill or capture known IED cell in order allow freedom of movement for coalition forces and civilians.



Your S/O team will infiltrate the area on foot with the local asset.  Once in position you will notify TF command.  The assault force will be on MH 60 rotors turning with a 4:30 minute reaction time.  Once the engagement goes Kinetic engage all known IED cell members and attempt to disrupt any emplaced IEDs.  The assault force will lift off and proceed to the target area. Continue to pull surveillance and outer cordon while the assault force secures the site and conducts sensitive site exploitation.



S/O team will need 10 rounds


            Command and Control:


            Call signs:

            TF commander                       T-6

            S/O                                          S-1

            Assault Force commander      A-6


The assault force commander will notify the S/O team when 1 minute out and when 30 seconds out.

Once the assault force has crossed the mission decision line.  The Assault force commander will call cease fire.


FOB Defense

Featuring SR25 stage gun with USO & PVS-27s


The Poke (1 & 2)

One target.  Unknown Distance.  (No LRF allowed)


Know Your Limits

A test of practical marksmanship.